HTC One X Water or Liquid spill, Submersed in Water or Liquid, Dropped in water


Water Damage Diagnosis and Repair

Water or Liquid spill, Submersed in Water or Liquid, Dropped in water


Is Your HTC One X water damaged, had coffee spilt on it, or been dropped in the river? We have a high success rate diagnosing and repairing water damaged HTC One Xs. We will clean and diagnose the extent of your HTC One X’s water damage, give you a quote for the water damage repairs, and let you decide.

Please pat dry any wet or water damaged HTC One X. Do not attempt to open, put in an oven or water damage myth. We recently had a customer put a water damaged iPhone in a jar of salt! He was lucky. We were able to clean the corrosive water damage with our water damage cleansing techniques.

Inculded with our diagnostic service, we offer an Ultrasonic cleansing technique which allows us to clean water damaged HTC One Xs from corrosion or sticky liquids. When you choose our HTC One X water damage service our technicians will put your HTC One X through an extensive cleaning process and determine exactly what repairs are needed. Once diagnosis is complete, you will be given a quote with the option of repairing the water damaged HTC One X or having the HTC One X returned.

Please note: While having a high success rate, not all water damaged HTC One XS can be repaired. Liquid damage to a powered HTC One X is unpredictable and can damage the HTC One X’s logic board beyond repair. If we are unable to fix your HTC One X after using our water damage cleansing techniques, we will return your HTC One X.

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